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thumbThere are many people who already know just how wonderful a trip to the Washington DC area can be. When it is your turn to explore this part of the country you are sure to find that your best bet will be a bus charter. Washington DC is filled with rich history, including plenty of places to learn along the way. Add to that all of the family oriented stops, wonderful places to eat and a number of incredible shopping opportunities and you really have a great trip on your hands. Besides, when you enlist a top of the line bus charter company such as ours and you are going to have plenty of memories to take along with you as well.

Arlington National Cemetery is always a humbling and breathtaking experience to add to your travel itinerary on your bus charter. Washington DC is always filled with people who are looking to learn more about this wonderful piece of our nation's history. When you arrive, be sure that you have your professional driver drop you off so that you can make your way to the Visitor Center in order to look at some of the exhibits. While you are there, you can also grab a detailed map to help you navigate the cemetery.

After a bit of historic sightseeing, it will be time to make your way to a nice place for a bite to eat. Over on the West End is where you can have your driver bring you for a bus charter Washington DC gem. This is none other than the Blue Duck Tavern, which happens to be very well known for meals crafted by an award-winning chef. Sit back, relax with the rest of your group and enjoy something delicious to eat while you figure out what your next stop will be during your travels.

If shopping is something that interests you, simply ask your professional driver if he or she can point you in the direction of several great shops during your bus charter Washington DC excursion. When in Washington DC, you will find lots of great shopping opportunities including Burberry's, SomaFit, Wink, Zenith Gallery, Trover Shop and much more. Because you have a professional bus charter company such as ours on your side, you are able to shop until your heart is content while not having to worry about any of the hassles of finding parking or dealing with local traffic. Before you know it, you will have to make more room on the bus in order to place all of the goods that you purchased!

At the end of your trip, you may want to check out some of the nightlife that Washington DC has to offer. For a quick drink and lively atmosphere, you can have your bus charter Washington DC bound adventure take you over to the ESPN Zone. Here you can catch up on the local scores, check out a game and have a bite to eat while washing it down with an icy cold drink. These are just the kinds of stops that are bound to keep your bus charter Washington DC adventure exciting.

You can have tons of fun while here in Washington DC and our travel writers can tell you how...

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